Victoria Parker with Gladiator
“Judy, I just wanted to thank you so much for all you have done for us.
Gladiator has always been the easiest horse to do – so willing and genuine, but over the summer he had started spooking constantly, bolting dangerously and being generally evasive when ridden.


Gladiator – before and after: these photos were taken 6 weeks apart and we were very pleased with his dramatic changes not only in the way he looked, but in the way he was going (Judy Fry).

In retrospect I wasted so much time on the “conventional saddlery” route, and had endless “experts” telling me Glad was an impossible to fit Arab, that a second hand or new saddle would never fit properly and that I should expect it to go up his withers and that the pressure bumps these ill fitting saddles were causing were perfectly fine! I lost count of the number of saddles I purchased – new, secondhand and made-to-measure – all were completely useless and only exacerbated the problems.

I was at my wits end when you came to see us as I was actually starting to believe that I would never find a saddle to fit, and that I would, in fact, end up having to sell Gladiator!!
It was so refreshing to meet someone who took a can do approach to the whole process of fitting the saddle. You have such a lovely manner and Gladiator warmed to you immediately (having had a bad start to life he can be wary of new people and had some very bad reactions to other saddlers we had the misfortune of meeting!). It was also so refreshing that you have a holistic view using your blend of saddle fitting expertise and riding experience as so many saddlers have never sat on a horse!!

The difference in Gladiator while trying the first saddle (which turned out to be the one I purchased) was amazing. His walk had previously become shuffly and resistant with a real avoidance to taking up a contact. Within seconds of getting on him he was stretching his neck out and rounding his back – a real pleasure to see and feel. The difference in his movement was amazing and my happy, chilled out boy was back!

You really took your time trying on the different saddles, assessing Gladiators reaction and my position and we both agreed on the Matrix Dressage which has certainly been the best purchase I have ever made!

My trainer has been amazed by the difference in Gladiator and was in raptures over the difference in his movement and his obvious comfort levels . His spooking and bolting have completely stopped and I cannot thank you enough for giving me my horse back.

Within a week of using the new saddle it was clear to see the improvement in the muscle where the dip in his back used to be. I was amazed how quickly he responded.

I would highly recommend the BALANCE method and, just as importantly, your fitting expertise – I really cannot thank you enough for giving me my horse back! BALANCE really is an excellent option for “hard to fit horses” – who it seems are often only hard to fit as a result of years of poorly fitting saddles.

Thanks again.”
Fliss Bell
“I had a a very positive consultation with Judy from BALANCE Saddles in October 2012.  It was extremely informative and thorough.  She was with my horse and I for around three hours and in this time I learned a lot about my horses body, the way he moves,  and what he needs from my saddle.  There was opportunity to try various sizes and styles to see what best suited us both.  I was particularly impressed with the attention given to my horse in motion and how he was feeling with each different saddle he tried.  Judy was extremely attentive to my horses opinions and emotions and took note of every detail.  There is no pressure to buy, however, I fell in love with a great second hand dressage saddle, which I am over the moon about.  I am looking forward to my horse developing over his back and shoulders and I will be seeing Judy again soon for a follow up consultation. Can’t wait and I am very happy.

Thanks Judy.”