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The saddles do change all the time so please do contact me if you are looking for a saddle.
I am currently looking for more saddles so please do call if you have any available to sell.

SOR List 26/2/2017 Judy Fry:

Nexus J2 B Jump Tan  £1000

Nexus J3 D Jump Tan  £1500

Nexus Dress X C Black £900

Nexus Dress X B  Black £950

Nexus Dress B Reg P Blk  £700

Nexus dress B Reg Blk £900

Zenith GPD C Brown £1000

Zenith Dress 8x C Black £1000

Felix Dress 8x C Black  £1000

Felix GPD 8x D Black

FB  Capriole Dress 8x 171/2” £525

Felix 7x GPJ C BR £1000

Matrix GPD C Reg BR  £1000

Horizon Apex GPD C £1000

Hamilton Dress 7x 17” £550