Why choose a BALANCE saddle?

Does your horse move better in the field than when under saddle?

Does your hand fit between your horses shoulder and the part of your saddle immediately in front of the stirrup bars? If not, your current saddle is restricting your horse’s movement. Balance saddles are designed to fit your horse in a completely natural way, allowing the shoulders to move and the back muscles to lift as they would do in the field without a saddle or rider.

Founded in 1993, BALANCE saddles are high quality, affordable saddles designed and chosen with the horse’s comfort, movement and health as a priority and developed with the benefit of comprehensive research.

A BALANCE saddle:

Supports the horse’s need to use his body at it’s most efficient and comfortable.

Allows natural, healthy and correct movement, blood flow and posture.

Optimises the soundness and performance of the horse.

A balanced saddle allows you to find a correct position, helping you to be a more efficient rider.


A BALANCE saddle will help:

The health and wellbeing of your horse.

The relationship between you and your horse.

Your horse’s performance at any level be it a dressage, eventing etc. or just every day hacking.

A horse with a shortened stride, resistant to bending, heavy on the forehand, having problems with soundness or perhaps just temperamental or difficult.


Choosing a BALANCE saddle (the consultation)

Before you buy a saddle, I will visit you and your horse. I will see your horse ridden, examine and discuss the existing saddle and try different BALANCE saddles with you. I will discuss and explain equine structure and biomechanics with you to ensure you know enough to help you make the right choices for your horse.

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For full details of the information I will need and the advice I will give please download the Consultation and Information Form (PDF). A consultation takes a minimum of two hours and will provide you with comprehensive feed back.


Affordable saddles for all ages and abilities

There is an extensive range of BALANCE saddles to choose for every type of horse, rider and workload which you can find at BALANCE International  The BALANCE range includes saddles that are affordable and meet the needs of the very young rider right through to the serious competitor. I will advise you which saddle is best suited to your horse. Prices for a new saddle start at just £1,000.


Pre-loved BALANCE saddles

I carry a wide selection of BALANCE saddles and second hand BALANCE saddles. I can also advise on and obtain any which I do not have in stock or sell your BALANCE saddle for you.

For more information or to book a consultation contact me now at