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Judy Fry – BALANCE Saddle Consultant presents:

Creating Harmonious Partnerships

Free BALANCE Saddle Consultation

I am hosting a number of free of charge BALANCE Saddle consultation days, where you will get the opportunity to trial BALANCE Saddles, develop an understanding of how they can  benefit and enhance your horses natural ability. Whatever level you are currently riding at or indeed aspire to, there is always more you can do to discover to help yourself develop that all important harmonious partnership between you and your horse.

Whether you want to compete at local or high level, or just enjoy the pleasures of hacking, building upon your understanding of the fundamentals of effective horsemanship will only ever continue to benefit you and your horse’s relationship, performance and safety. 

My considerable experience as an advanced event rider, riding coach and BALANCE Saddle Consultant, coupled with my extensive knowledge of equine biomechanics has enabled me to appreciate how we as riders and the equipment that we use so can often get in the way of creating that harmony.

Using proven coaching methods supported by a set of credible tools and techniques to enable you to:

  • Answer your questions “Is it me or my horse?” “What do I need to do to help him?” “Why won’t he do what I am asking?” “Why is this such hard work for both of us?”
  • Explore the reasons behind some of the common and frustrating problems you experience, such as falling in, not bending and rushing along on the forehand
  • Develop an understanding of how and why our horses mirror our own body patterns when we are riding
  • Clearly communicate what you want your horse to do in such a way that they will understand
  • Listen to what your horse is trying to tell you

Dates available – 13 May and 15 May 2016

Location:  Well Farm, Adversane, West Sussex RH14 9JG

Booking:  email or call Judy on 07710659085